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5+ Free Best iPhone Wireless Baby Monitor Camera Apps |

5+ Free Best iPhone Wireless Baby Monitor Camera Apps |
Written by Vikash Kumar

If you looking for the way to monitor your baby activities when you are outside of the home or at your office then here are the best Wireless Baby Monitor Camera apps. These also best free iPhone Security Camera app to monitor your home for security purpose. Listed wireless baby monitor camera app is free and best baby monitor app for iPhone and Android. These free baby monitor apps help you to save your data in the cloud and they don’t use too many data for that. If you have the slow internet connection then it will also work well and you don’t get interrupted in monitoring. These are also best iPhone surveillance app to monitor your home. Using these steps and these applications you don’t even have to buy a Nest Cam or Dropcam. Even you don’t need to do the hard installation to secure your home. You can easily control both cameras using voice assistants such as Google Assistant or Siri.

How to Setup Wireless Baby Monitor Camera at Home

Setuping wireless baby monitor camera is not a difficult task but you have to full some requirements which are required for that. More important thing is to select the place where you want to set the camera for getting clear views. Using following Wireless Baby Monitor Camera apps you can easily monitor your baby easily if you are not at home. This step is going to turn your old iPhone into IP camera. Have a look at the requirements for setup Wireless Baby Monitor Camera.


  • Two Smartphones (Android or iPhone)
  • Internet Connection
  • Backup of Electricity (For charging the phones)
  • Perfect Place for capturing the things

Step:- 1

Install one of the following Wireless Baby Monitor Camera app applications on both smartphones. Also setup Internet connection for both smartphones (for home and the phone which you carry).

Step:- 2

Connect both of phones with each other. The application will provide you the way to connect both apps.

Step:- 3

Now set up the electricity for charging the home setup smartphone.

Step:- 4

After that place, one smartphone at the best place where no one can touch or no can distribute the smartphone and it can capture the entire room. Now check the connection with your own phone with setup phones.

Using following application you can do all things such as zoom, Live video chat, enable night mode etc. This is easiest and reliable way to setup wireless baby monitor camera at you home. Using following application and steps you can monitor your home for security purpose and monitor your children and pets.

List of Best iPhone Wireless Baby Monitor Camera Apps For Home


Alfred Security Camera

Alfred Security Camera app is best and most reviewed app for security camera and monitor camera app. The app has many features which are really awesome. Alfred Security Camera is not best for security purpose only also best for monitoring your home. Using this application you can easily stream live video wherever you are. It has Motion sensor & instant alerts which help you to know the activities when something happens. It also provides you free cloud storage to save your video which is the really amazing feature. You can enable night mode or turn on/off flashlight remotely whenever you want. Alfred Security Camera app is also available for Android and you can easily connect your both phones for security purpose or house monitoring purpose.

Download Alfred Security Camera From Here

Alfred Security Camera
Alfred Security Camera

Presence: Video security

Presence is best security camera for baby monitoring, pet cam, nanny cam, surveillance cam, and for many purposes. Get notified when an intruder has detected kids reached home, or other purpose using its motion detection feature. It has also interesting security purpose such as door and window entry sensors, motion detection, water sensors, temperature sensors, humidity sensors, touch sensors and more. You can control your camera in 360-degree view remotely. It has also another feature like night mode, turn on flashlight and other. You can use this app on Android also. It is not completely free, you have to $1.99 one week trial, $4.99 monthly, $49.99 annually.

Download Presence: Video security From Here

Presence: Video security
Presence: Video security

Baby Monitor Annie: Nanny Cam

This one another best app to monitor baby from anywhere. You can use it to monitor up to 4 children from a limitless number of parent units. The app is available for multiplatform and you can also monitor your baby from apple watch. It also allows you to talk to your child any time. The app is really reliable to use and configure your two devices. The Annie Baby Monitor works via WiFi, 3G or LTE networks. Use the app without limits on your Wi-Fi or buy it’s subscriptions for cloud connection to use the app on different networks or two different Wi-Fi. Using this application you can play fairy tales, songs, and lullabies to your baby.

Download Baby Monitor Annie: Nanny Cam From Here

Universal Baby Monitor

Baby Monitor is a universal video baby monitor that allows you to check on your baby from your smartphone or tablet. It is easy to use, just need to install the application on your devices and select one of them to be the parent monitor and another to be the baby monitor.
Baby Monitor allows parents to communicate directly with their baby easily. Using sound sensitivity you will immediately detect the sound and you will be informed on your device when baby wakes up or moves. Even you can easily switch from the front to the back camera without moving. Activate the flashlight to see at night.

Download Universal Baby Monitor From Here

Universal Baby Monitor
Universal Baby Monitor
Developer: Bipfun
Price: Free+

Ahgoo baby monitor

Ahgoo baby monitor allows to hear your baby and watch it on your mobile or tablet using the Internet connection. To turn your 2 mobile devices into the baby monitor you need to install this app on both devices and make sure them both connected to the Internet. You can adjust noise level at which Ahgoo should send you a notification. Ahgoo informs you if the battery of “Baby” device is low, or if the connection is lost. you can connect several “Parent” devices to one “Baby” device. Ahgoo visualizes the noise level in baby’s room for you not to miss the slightest rustle.

Download Ahgoo baby monitor From Here

AtHome Camera – Home security video surveillance

AtHome Camera turns more than 10 million devices into a video monitoring system, acting as baby monitor, pet camera, nanny cameras, elder care etc. Support including PCs and phones. Its face recognition technology will help you to distinguish whether the person appearing in the video is your family members or intruder and immediately inform you. You can watch live streaming via 3G/4G or WiFi network from anywhere at any time. It has highly secured cloud service which protects all your videos and views them directly in the cloud, enjoys tight security with an easy-to-use interface. All your videos are encrypted before being uploaded to the cloud, preventing critical data being lost or tampered with.

Download AtHome Camera From Here

Baby Monitor 3G

Baby Monitor 3G works across most of modern phones or tablets you have at home and you can use them in any combination. The app transfers live HD video from the child´s room to you over both wifi and cellular connection. To save data, you can switch to lower quality or to still photos. Night mode feature turns the app into a night mode so you can comfortably check your phone placed on the nightstand even during the night without any unnecessary distraction.

Download Baby Monitor 3G From Here

Baby Monitor 3G
Baby Monitor 3G
Developer: TappyTaps s.r.o.
Price: $3.99


These are one of best and useful wireless baby monitor camera apps for your iPhone and Android. Using these Wireless Baby Monitor Camera app you don’t need to worried about any things because they have awesome which always notify you if something happens. Even these are also best wireless security monitor camera app for your home and office. Using these Baby monitor camera apps you don’t need to spend lots of money for setup the cares on your home.

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