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13+ Best Online Coding For Beginners Learning Website. How to Learn Free Coding Online

13+ Best Online Coding For Beginners Learning Website
Written by Vikash Kumar

Previously I mentioned the many developing tools list for Web development and other. Now here I am going to give you the list of best online coding for beginners learning website where you learn everything related to these. These websites help you to learn all programming languages and coding including development tools. If you want to learn Android development, iOS development, JAVA development and other then you can join these best online coding for beginners learning website. If you have the question that how to learn to code online? or  Where to learn to code online free? Then these online codings for beginners learning website allow you to learn to code for free and paid both.

If you are a beginner and want to learn programming and coding then you should use these home-based learning platforms. Many of them provide you the online tool for run codes and programs. Even I am going to mention Android Apps, iPhone apps and Windows phone apps of these best programming site, which help you to learn to programme whenever you want. If you are beginner then these are the best place for learning programming for beginners. Many of these online codings for beginners learning website allows you to learn to code for free but not applied to all course.

List of best online coding for beginners learning website

Code School

Code school allow you learn many courses such as HTML/CSS, JAVA, Android, iOS, Ruby, Python, Git, Database and many other things. It has 15 free courses available and the price for learning the additional courses is $29 per month. Code School provides you videos classes which are quirky and fun in an after-school special kind of way, which is a refreshing break from typically dry video tutorials. It provides you experienced & engaging instructors to you through course material and step by step guide in our high-quality video lessons. After that, you can practice online and earn rewards as points. Even you can track all your activity, points and badges you earned, courses completed, screencasts watched, and more including your Report Card. This is the best online coding for beginners learning website.


It is another easy and smart way to learn many things such as Web Development, Programming, Data Science, Design, HTML & CSS, Python, JavaScript, Java, SQL, Bash/Shell, Ruby. They don’t charge to learn means free of cost. But they also charge $19.99-$199 if you want professional tools, live chat supports, join the quizzes, challenge projects, and want to graduate with certification and a portfolio of projects. Here the things are divided into categories and it makes your task easy to learn the things. Here you can create your own goals and find your skill to learn.


It offers you to choose the things which you want to learn as a front-end developer, visual designer, freelance WordPress developer or freelance business builder. It provides you 65+ Unlimited guides, 30+ master classes, dozens of professional quality code and design samples, plus downloadable cheat sheets for everything you learn and many other things. Well, it’s not for free and they charge $499 per blueprint but they provide free 10-day coding Bootcamp. You can join this when it open for enrolling. You can also embark on a nine-month bumper programmer dedicated to helping you break into tech and that is the good thing about that. This is the other best online coding for beginners learning website.

Code Avengers

Before starting your class you have to define yourself what you are and then you can choose your course. Here you can learn many things but not free. It provides you 7-10 days free trial class of every course. Its learning plan is not much costly and you can choose your plan between the 1 month to 1 year and for that, they charge $20-$29 per month. Code Avengers walks you through each process with very simple, step-by-step instructions, starting with minor tasks, while you watch what happens in a mini phone simulator next to your editor. The team has managed a good balance of difficulty: not so tricky you have to cheat, but not so simple you’re just copy-pasting. One interesting thing about this online code school is the Code Avengers Junior section. This teaches children basic programming and computer literacy skills, via gamified courses.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy offers many online classes such as Math, Science & Engineering, Computing, Arts & Humanities, and Economics & finance. It doesn’t matter in which class you are reading, you can take admission online and start your class according to your requirements. Even you are teacher or parents then you can also take the advanced classes. They don’t charge for teaching but they ask for the donation. Khan Academy is that you hear someone talking while they write the code, which feels natural like you’re sitting down with someone. The courses were straightforward, easy to follow and you can then transfer the concepts to the simple exercises. You can join the quizzes to test your skill. This is the best online coding for beginners learning website and personal recommendation to use.

Khan Academy
Khan Academy
Developer: Khan Academy
Price: Free
Khan Academy
Khan Academy
Price: Free


Udemy offers you more than 1000 courses to learn from various categories. Here peoples are sharing his or her knowledge and Udemy gives you the tools to create an online course if you want to become an instructor. According to me, Udemy has an expansive catalogue, filled with thousands of other topics besides web and technology, with prices ranging from free to hundreds of dollars. It has the vast number of courses available does make it tricky to find out the good stuff.

Hack Design

The courses here are just collections of aggregated content, whether that’s blogs, books, games, tutorials or videos, from around the web. There isn’t anything to complete by way of tasks, but if you’re after some resource recommendations to help you learn more about a specific part of the design, this is a good place to turn. There are also tool lists with recommendations from people who use them. This is an excellent catalogue of design resources for all levels. It offers great introductory content for beginners and more advanced techniques for those who do this full-time. is one of the more popular video tutorial sites. It provides you 1000+ course from various categories such Software Development, Design, Photography, Web Development, Business and other. offers you 30 days trial learning and after they charge $19.99/month. It offers an abundance of content that’s constantly added to with new and up-to-date technologies and software. is a trusted resource that many turns to when they’re after a tutorial to pick up a new skill. The is the also best online coding for beginners learning website.


Treehouse has one of the most comprehensive libraries of educational materials on this list, while also being one of the most relevant. It offers 7 days trial period and after that, it’s charge will be $25 (₹845/mo) per month for access to all of the site’s content. Not only does it offer a large variety of coding courses, but it also includes ‘workspaces’ you can use to try out new projects in your own time, as well as a library with videos of talks from industry professionals. It offers an iPad app to continue your learning, too. Start learning with the video courses, practice your new skills through quizzes and challenges, and earn badges to reflect the skills you’ve already mastered. This is the best paid online coding for beginners learning website.


Skillshare offers thousands of classes taught by industry professionals with subscription-based service that. Courses come complete with material that’s been created by the instructors, and there are projects for you to apply your skills. There’s also an iOS or Android app that enables you to steam courses on the go, for more flexible learning.

Other Best online coding For Beginners and intermediate learning website.


  • Courses from free


  • Free


  • From $29/mo
  • Free 10-day trial


  • $99/year


Here I mentioned the best certification online coding For Beginners and intermediate learning website. You can also learn from YouTube, even that is also best platform to learn code. There are many YouTube’s who shares his knowledge and you have to choose which is good for you. They don’t provide you the certificate and the listed online coding for beginners and professional’s learning website provide you that. List code leaning websites also organize exam session to test your skill.

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