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7 Best iPhone Data Usage Monitor Apps |

7 Best iPhone Data Usage Monitor Apps.
Written by Vikash Kumar

If you are reading this article then it means you are using the Internet for cellular data, wifi etc. Many times we lose our data and we can’t identify the app which is consuming more data. Here is the list of iPhone Data usage Monitor apps. Using this app you can easily monitor or check data usage on iPhone. These apps help you to track data usage on iPhone and after that, you can reduce the data uses of iPhone mobile data. Before installing these iPhone data usage monitor app you should know that some of these applications are not available for all regions.

Why you need an app that monitors iPhone data usages? How can you manage your iPhone data usage? How to reduce the iPhone Data usage? These are some question which generally peoples are looking for the perfect answer. Many times you are watching live TV, watching Youtube videos, browsing internet etc. Before doing these things you need an internet connection through mobile data or wifi connection. If you have limited data then these app helps you to monitor, manage and reduce data usage. Because you can track your data according to apps data usage.

List of Best iPhone Data Usage Monitor Apps

My Data Manager

My Data Manager is the best app to help you take control of your mobile data usage. Personal recommendation to use this iPhone Data Usage Monitor App if you want to monitor data usage. Using this application you can track or monitor your data usage on mobile, Wi-Fi, and roaming. Even you can set the alarm to avoid overage charges. It also helps you to find the app which you are using for the long time to access the internet. You can also Set up a shared or family plan and track usage across all members of your data. It also allows you to track history to ensure you are in the right mobile data plan.

My Data Manager - Track Usage
My Data Manager - Track Usage
Price: Free

Advanced Data Usage Tracker

Another best and smart iPhone data usage monitor app. This is my second best recommendation to you. If you are looking for data tracker with speed test then go for this amazing application. Using this application you can monitor data, add your plans of data, monitor daily/weekly/monthly and overall usages data, and location-based data usage information. It also allows you to monitor International Data Roaming with the ability to add Roaming Pack. It doesn’t matter which network you are using 3G, 4G or WIFI. Use it’s two widgets to see daily usage and data used during a session.

Advanced Data Usage Tracker - smartapp
Advanced Data Usage Tracker - smartapp

DataFlow – Track network data usage

Do you want an application which helps you to track and monitor internet speed? If yes, then go for this application. It allows you to track cellular and wifi data usage with network speed monitor. You can also set the data usage plan and they notify you when you near about that. You will get all notification and monitor your speed and uses the widget to the notification centre. It has multiple themes with different style and most interesting thing it supports in Apple watch. Its pro version with additional feature comes in $1.99.

DataFlow - Data Manager
DataFlow - Data Manager
Price: Free+

Data Usage

If you travel and using internet from your iPhone then it is more helpful. It shows you a chart flow by day and month. Even it also helps you to monitor the data usage with the location preview. Using this iPhone Data Usage Monitor Apps you can monitor and set the limitation. If you are using many services to get connected with the then here you can compare the data usage. It doesn’t matter you are using many networks, you can also compare the data usage according to your daily and monthly usages.

Data Manager

This is a simple and application to monitor your data usage. Using this application you can manage your mobile and wifi data usage. It has the smart design to give you a summary of the daily/weekly and monthly usage. You can easily monitor the mobile and wifi data using this application. It allows you set data limit reached, plan limit reached notification. You can also go with the daily budget.


Bytes helps you keep monitor or track of your data usage. It shows you how much data you’ve used on both the mobile network (3G, 4G, LTE, etc.) and WiFi with the interesting style. Using this application you can set data limits, monitor your daily data usage, send nightly notifications and more. It also notifies you about your data usage. It works best on 64-bit devices.

Price: Free+


MobiStats is a simple, accurate, and free app to monitor or track data usage and shows how you consume Mobile Data. You can track mobile data usage on Cellular, Roaming, and Wi-Fi and see your data usage analysis in different charts. It also shows you review where you consume data and how much per network. It works with any cellular carrier in any country by reading data usage from your device. You can monitor or track real-time data usage.

Other Best iPhone Data Usage Monitor Apps.

Data Tracker – Mobile Data Usage

Not available for every region. You may get an error.


Using these applications you can save your money and easily know about your daily/weekly and monthly usages of internet data. As we told you that you will get the perfect answer with reason. Now here is the list of best iPhone Data Usage Monitor Apps which show the reason and solution to use these apps. Well, here we also recommended you app to use which is good for your phone. Feel free to share your reviews about these apps in the comment box.

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