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9 Best iOS Emulator for Windows 10 to Use iOS Apps |

9 Best iOS Emulator for Windows 10 to Use iOS Apps.
Written by Vikash Kumar

Do you know that you can use the iOS app on your windows? Do you want to use the iOS app on your windows? If yes then here is the best iOS Emulator for Windows 10.  After using these iOS emulators you can easily run the iOS application on Windows 10. Previously after iPhone apps guides, we got a message that “can I use iOS Applications on my windows PC?” So, we decided to provide you the complete list of iOS Emulators which helps you use iOS apps. If you don’t have the iOS operating device and you want to use the iOS application on your windows then these tools are going to help you.

Many of us you want to play games on pc which are available for Android and iPhone only. But many times we can’t play on PC. In this guide, I am going to describe how you can play games and use iOS apps with these iPhone emulators for Windows. Many of the peoples are got confused about two things and they are simulator and emulator. Here you will also learn about the difference between simulator and Emulator for PC. You can use the apps in simulators but they are not for using apps. Simulators are used for testing apps and developing apps. I am also going to describe the things about these two different things.

What is the difference between iOS Emulator and iOS Simulator

iOS Emulator:- These are a virtual program which use to create different OS environment on other devices. In simple words, they allow you to run apps and games on other devices of other different OS without any coding or advanced tech knowledge. There are many android emulators for windows which help you run Android apps and games on PC. Even in this guide, we are going to mention best iOS and Android Emulator for Windows 10. Developers can also use iOS Emulator for development and test their iOS apps.

iOS Simulator:- Simulator help us to design and test iOS app on your windows. Simulators don’t create a copy of any OS directly to use any apps and games and due to limitation, they fail to run some apps. If you are a developer and want to build iOS app then you have to use iOS Simulators. Simulator behaves like a standard Mac app while simulating an iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, or Apple TV environment. Have a look here for more information how it works and why it’s used for.

What is the Advantage of iOS Emulator for Windows 10

Do you want to use iOS apps and play games on your Windows PC? If yes then these emulators are going to help you because they create a virtual OS platform for any particular OS.

Are you an iOS apps developer and want to test your iOS app? If yes then they allow you to test and develop the application for iOS OS.

These iPhone app emulators have user-friendly platforms and you can upgrade them with the help of SDK. Even they are easy to install and use on windows os.

Most interesting things in these iPhone app emulators or iPad app emulators for PC is that they available for free of cost.

List of Best iOS Emulator for Windows 10 to Use iOS App

Mobione Studio

This emulator is the best apple/ iOS emulator for Windows 10 PC. Using this emulator you can easily play iOS games and run iOS apps on Windows. MobiOne is a simple and powerful tool for creating iOS/Apple mobile Web apps that anyone can build with little to no coding skills needed. It has the capability to design and test iPad apps and iPhone apps even they provide iPad User interface to better development. Despite these, you can also run iOS apps and Games on this best iOS Emulator for windows. Even it comes with a world class iPhone and iPad emulator that gives you the most realistic experience of actually using those devices. Using its features you are going to work with Angular IDE.

Download Mobione Studio from here


This is another best iPhone or iOS emulator for Windows. Using this application you can seamlessly test and develop iOS apps for cross-platform. This iOS emulator app allows developers to develop apps with flexibility and users can test their app easily. It provides plugins supports which help you to test and run the apps easily. They have the library of javascript. This iOS Emulator is best for the developers and other users.

Download SmartFace from Here.


This is an online iPhone emulator for Windows PC. Using this iOS emulator for windows you can run iOS Apps and Android App both. Developers can develop the application for both platforms Android and iOS easily. Appetize.io is not completely free Apple/iOS emulator for Windows 10 PC and you can use this application for 100 minutes for free. After that, you have to pay $40-$2000 per month or you can use it after paying $0.5 per min.

Download Appetize.io from Here.

Ipadian Emulator

This iOS emulator for Windows 10 PC has identical GUI and at the time of using you will get the real iPod using experience. This emulator can be used for free and paid because it has some features which are available in paid version. This application allows accessing many Apple iOS features including Siri. For start using this application, you don’t need to do many things just one click on the screen and it gets started.

Download Ipadian Emulator from Here.

Air iPhone

This application simply creates virtual iPhone on your Windows PC. Where you will get the original real screen to work on iOS apps. It supports AIR frameworks and you need to install it for working smoothly. It is available for free and capable to work with Windows, MAC, and Android. Air iPhone is most popular for working in iPhone environment.

Download Air iPhone from Here.

App.io Emulator

This is a good alternative to Appetize.io which is useful and best iPhone emulators for Windows PC. You can use this application to run Android .apk file and iOS .appi file. You don’t need to do so many things just add the files in the bundle and wait for the process. They don’t charge for anything and they provide you each and every feature of an iOS application.

Download App.io Emulator from Here.

Nintendo 3DS Emulator

This emulator is best for playing iOS games on your Windows pc. Even there are many Android games which you can play on the PC using this Emulator. You can play 3D games on your PC using this emulator on your Windows 10 and others. If you need an emulator for playing iOS and Android games on PC then go for this emulator.

Download Nintendo 3DS Emulator from Here.


You can use this application for testing and develop your application. It also allows you to run the app easily and it is widely popular iOS emulator for Windows 10 PC. The most interesting thing about this app is that you don’t need to install this application on PC. You are going to use this application on chrome browser.

Use Ripple from Here.

Electric Mobile Studio

This is a paid window friendly iOS app development tool which helps you develop iOS easily this his amazing features. You can also use this application on 7 days of the trial version. Using this application you can design mobile responsive web, iPhone, and iPad apps. It has also Microsoft Visual Studio integration which helps in designing.

Download and Buy Electric Mobile Studio from Here.


In this list on best iOS Emulators for Windows, I try to mention responsive Emulators and simulators. These iPad/iPhone emulators help you to design the best application for iOS on windows and allow you to run all iOS apps. Many of them are also best Emulators to run Android application. Even some of them allow you to develop android applications. Here we also mentioned the best iOS emulator for online work which you don’t need to install. If you are game lover then I also mentioned the emulator which help you to play iOS games on windows. Don’t forget to share your views with these apps in the comment box. If you want to add more then please inform us, we will review them.

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