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Today I am going to tell you about how to hack the shadow fight 2 games. We all have heard about the Shadow fight game for android. This game is very much popular among the youngsters. Shadow fight 2 is a good platform for fighting games. Shadow Fight hack is one on one fighting game. This game is applauded for its intensity and graphics and for super soundtracks. Shadow fight is criticized for impossible like missions and people spend lots of money to buy virtual currency. This game is also available in play store. So everyone wants to play this game for a long time and want to make a record. So for this purpose, everyone wants to hack this game. So in this post, I am going to tell you the way to hack this game.

For the hacking purpose, you should have rooted device. By rooting purpose of your android device you can use kings root app root your device. In the following steps, you can hack any games or app in the purchase.

Shadow Fight 2
Shadow Fight 2
Developer: NEKKI
Price: Free+

Hack Shadow Fight 2 Game & It’s Cheats & Gems

Method 1

  • This is one of the simplest ways to hack shadow fight 2. You may have heard about an app called as freedom app. This app enables you to download the apps in the purchase.
  • Now download and install Freedom application.
  • After installation open the application. After opening, it asks prompted for superuser access then grant it.
  • Wait for a moment it will show the apps in purchase then click on shadow fight 2 games.
  • After the above step, it will take some time to load up. So wait for a minute.
  • After the game is loaded then you can go to the store to buy gems and coins.
  • Now it will ask for payment so pay with nothing and you will complete the transaction without paying to anyone and anything.

Method 2

You can also hack this game by using the application Lucky Patcher. This application is famous for blocking ads from the unwanted application by patching with that application. Lucky Patcher app is also famous for bypassing the Google license verification due to this you can download any game and app purchase for free. So lucky patcher application is like a hacking app. So you can also use this app for hacking the Shadow fight 2 game for free.

  • Download the Lucky Patcher application.
  • Now after installing open the app and grant it for access to the superuser.
  • It will show all the games and applications and select the shadow fight 2.
  • Now open the menu of patches then support patch for in-app and LVL emulation then apply it.
  • Now, wait a minute till the lucky patcher to hack the app.
  • Time to open the shadow fight 2 and purchase as many coins and gems for free.


As you Shadow fight 2 is most played action game among android users. The above post is practically performed and uses so you should try this to hack this game. If you want to hack the game and want to play in new ways then you should try these methods. I provide you 2 methods and both have easy step to do which are easy. Please remmeber you have to root your phone. I will also provide you video tutorial how to hack shadow fight 2 game in Android. So I hope this post was helpful.

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