How To Shop For Retired Lego Sets

How To Shop For Retired Lego Sets
Written by Vikash Kumar

We all know that Lego manufactures a lot of sets and for those who love buying, building and collecting them this is quite an expensive hobby. More often than not, when we save up enough for a particular set, it is usually already out of production. Or you could come across a very old one that was retired years ago. How do you know which one is a winner or how to get your hands on the set of your dreams? Read on and you will find a few working guidelines for success in the Lego world. Also going to read about the Retired Lego Sets.

How To Shop For Retired Lego Sets

How To Shop For Retired Lego Sets

Why We Overspend On Retired Sets

What should you do about retired Lego set that you wanted? Well, if you don’t want a particular one that badly, there are a dozen other choices. Just let it go. If you do, however, take a look at second-hand markets such as eBay.There is a great likelihood you will find what you are looking for, only the bad news is that unless somebody is really anxious to get rid of the set, you are bound to pay much more than you originally intended.

This, in turns, leads to missing out on newer sets, as they are also likely to retire until you are ready to buy them. You get where I am going, right? Catching up on sets that are out of production before we can afford them is a huge issue for Lego fans, as their price is bound to start going up as soon as they retire.

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Using Your Spare Elements

One way to save up on buying out-of-production sets is by trying to build them from spare parts you already have at home, in case you own a big collection. This option is really preferable in the cases where the price has soared.

People often start projects for reconstructing such legacy sets. If you have one of your own in mind, you might need a tip or two on avoiding issues you might encounter while stocking up on parts.

Checking Prices And Instructions

If you plan on putting together an old Lego set, the most important thing to obtain is instructions. You can either download them online or hunt down the original paper broshure that goes with the set. Bear in mind that if it’s a valuable set, the instructional broshure might be expensive as well. If you don’t absolutely insist on having the paperback version, you’d better stick with the downloadable one (Unless you want to resell it later, for which you can find a guide here). Just make sure you get the instructions, as they are vital to putting the set together.

After you obtain the building instructions, research second-hand prices. Compare rates and see if it makes sense to buy the whole thing or just the parts you are missing. You are likely to find out that the whole thing is now worth several times the price at the time the set was discontinued. Weigh in the pros and cons in each case and you will figure out what brings you more savings.

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Checking For Parts

How To Shop For Retired Lego Sets

How To Shop For Retired Lego Sets

Even if you think you are all set, check the parts you will be needing. Take a look at the catalog and browse categories or sets in order to find yours. Once you locate it, review the inventory to see if there are rare or unusual parts that make it up.

If you do need to purchase parts, look for special designs, unusual colors and item quantity. Rare design involves special parts, miniatures, animals, you name it. Learn what your spare part collection contains and look for unique elements.

Organize Your Shopping

Once you have set a budget and feel ready for some spare part shopping, compare your blocks list with your instructions leaflet. Make sure you are not omitting anything. Even a fairly common part can become a nuisance if you find out you don’t have it when you have already started assembling. You can find an awesome article on buying and selling used Lego at that you can use to make a shopping plan.

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If you have too many loose Lego blocks and the mere thought of trying to do an inventory seems daunting, don’t worry. You can start by sorting your parts by color and then further divide them by type. You would be surprised how little organization is required that way and how much the effort in tracking down and buying your spare parts of Retired Lego Sets will diminish.

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