Do you have multiple works and you want to manage with software or application? Here is the list of best personal project management software which helps to manage your personal works like holidays plays personal financial reports and other. Many peoples think that project management tools are applicable to the professional works only. But, that’s not 100% true, because we have many personal works which need strategies and reports. Despite these, reviewed tools are also Personal Project Management Software useful for the professional works.

Personal Project Management

List of Best Free Personal Project Management Software

Here we are going to review the free best personal project management tools which help you in your personal and professional works. If you have a team and want to work with them online then here are the best free web-based project management applications. If you have questions like “why you should use these personal project management software?”, “How to manage and keep track multiple projects at work?” and other then your answer will be resolved here.

Why Should You Use Free Personal Project Management Software?

Do you have to manage multiple works? Are you a working guy who has to manage office and home? Do you want to manage your financial issue and other personal things? If you need the answer to this question then stay with us. These Softwares are going to help you in many cases as I discussed previously. Here I am going to mention best web-based personal project management tools to manage your personal works. If you are a working guy and you have to manage multiple projects including personal things then these are helpful for you. If you have an organization then these are also helpful for you.

List of Best Free Personal Project Management Software


best personal project management software


This is the free project management for 12 users with limited 5 GB of storage of month. But you can upgrade then by paying $39-$199. Using this tool you can do many things because it contains 30+ tools for free collaboration suits. Bitrix24 offers Gantt charts, layered task options, time tracking and management, and even employee workload planning. It provides you tools for task management, document sharing, and time tracking integrated into just this type of social interface for maximum efficiency of communications and work. Bitrix24 allows you to do such a thing for free.

  • Tasks and projects
  • CRM
  • Telephony
  • Chat and video
  • Social network
  • Open channels
  • Documents
  • Drive For file transfer and other
  • Calendars
  • Mail server
  • HR Tools
  • Mobile App


List of best personal project management software


This the Cloud-based collaboration and project management software that scales across teams in any business and personal use by adding family tasks. This application allows 5 users for free up to 2 GB of storage space with tons of integration. It is the best option for small-scale team collaboration where users will get easy access tools with easily working features. There are many things to upgrade if you need and you can do that after paying $9.80- $34.60 per user per month. They have the template for your work and if you want to get more then you can buy it. Using this tool you can easily do these things.

  • Create
  • Plan
  • Collaborate
  • Report
  • Customize
  • Integrate
  • Security


best personal project management


It is the most popular project management apps because of it’s a simple and easy working feature. You can 10+ member in your team and it’s for free. Asana is an intuitive task-management system that works best for teams seeking real-time interaction. It allows its users to visualize their goals, track their time, assign priority to their tasks, and get updates on the project right in the program. It also has a calendar function to graph the team’s tasks right onto the dashboard. Even more than 1500 peoples have reviewed in our social media poll. If you need to upgrade this then you can do this in only $9.99 per user per month. Using this you can do various things such as

  • No team member limit
  • Unlimited dashboards
  • Advanced search & reporting
  • Custom fields
  • Task dependencies
  • Private teams and projects
  • Start dates
  • Admin controls
  • Customer success webinars
  • Priority support
  • Google SSO etc


personal project management software


If you want to create notes for your task then you should try this amazing application. Using this Personal project management tool you can add notes, share the notes, invite the people for working with you and many others. If you want to customize your work with many things such as inserting images video then it allows you to do this simply. While working on this application you can view and restore previous versions of notes, easily manage your team and many other features. You can start for free but after trial version, you have to pay $12 per user and per month.

  • Collect, share, and collaborate in one place
  • Find text in Office docs, PDFs, and images
  • Scan and search info on business cards
  • Easy management of team users and access
  • Fast onboarding and SSO implementation, etc


personal project management


This is the free and open source Project manager and scheduling software. Before that, if you don’t have good knowledge about the project management then don’t for that. There is no limit to what you can do with GanttProject. The management platform allows users to quickly create a structured schedule for any project. It offers task assignment and milestone implementation. The open-source software also enables project managers to identify problem areas in the workflow so that companies can set goals for improvement.


Free personal project management software


Smartsheet is the best way to plan, track, automate, and report on work. The tool helps in recording and organizing data with an unlimited number of free collaborators such as Amazon Mechanical Turk and Livework. The tool helps in recording and organizing data with an unlimited number of free collaborators such as Amazon Mechanical Turk and Livework. You can also have a free 30-day trial with no credit card and they can continue the tool at $14-$25 per user per month.

Other Best Free Personal Project Management Software







These all are the best personal project management software. I request you to don’t judge them by the numbers which we mentioned. Using these tools you can make your work easy for your team. If you have the organization or personal work then you can use these professionals and personal project manager. All of them have almost the same features but they are not the same. Here we mentioned the reasons for using, free tools, and the price of tools. DOn’t forget to share your views with us about listed best and free personal project management software.

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